Cheating In PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Might Get Worse, Thanks To This Machine-Learning Tool

By | June 2, 2022

Cheating In PS5 And Xbox Series X Games Might Get Worse, Thanks To This Machine-Learning Tool

Shooters like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone might see an influx of cheater on console thanks to a new machine-learning cheat engine.

Built an AWESOME MINECRAFT Controller

Minecraft Motion Controller (Custom Gold PickAxe) DIY

I built this Minecraft controller for the pc.


Only cool kids click here ok?

It has motion controls as well as thumbsticks for movement and all the buttons you need to play are on the controller, like jump, menu, item scroll Left click and right click.

It is a lot of fun it feels very immersive, but minecraft always seems to drag me in no matter what. Just using this controller for a long time actually really starts hurting my hands lol!

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Xbox Series X Unboxing & Review!

The Microsoft Xbox Series X brings serious competition to the PS5 but is it enough?
Why you need a new TV for Xbox Series X and PS5:
Does the Xbox Series X overheat?

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Xbox Series X/S Hacks | Is it possible to Hack Games on Xbox Series X and S? USB Hacks?

Xbox Series Hacks:
A short overview and information on game hacking on the new Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles. What hacks are possible on the Xbox Series X/S? Where do you download working cheats? How do they work ect.

The 3 main cheating Methods for the Microsoft Xbox Series X and S Consoles:
– Software cheats / code game hacks (only possible if able to run unsigned code using hacked Xbox console)
– Hardware hacks, such as modded controllers.
– Packet editing hacks for god modes, unlimited money and god modes for self-hosted online games potentially.

Find working cheats:

If you cannot find working Cheats for your Xbox Series X and Series S games, try getting the game on PC instead.

Have fun!
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About that PS5 Devkit that appeared on eBay… | MVG

A PlayStation 5 Development kit appeared on eBay and was quickly removed. Lets talk about that in some more detail and why its a bad idea.

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