Guerrilla Games Is Shutting Down Online Servers For Killzone, RIGS

By | March 7, 2022

Guerrilla Games Is Shutting Down Online Servers For Killzone, RIGS

Although single-player offline modes will still be available.

Killzone Shadow Fall Servers Shutdown

Guerrilla Games Secret PS5 Exclusive Narrowed Down As Sony Retires Official Killzone Website

Today we are going over the recent news that Sony is officially retiring the Killzone website after many years. This comes kind of randomly and has seemingly narrowed down what this secret PS5 exclusive from Guerrilla Games could end up being. It is known that Sony’s first party studio Guerilla Games has a second AAA development team that has been working on a secret project since 2018 alongside Horizon Forbidden West, and it will be a multiplayer title. Rumors have been pointing to a Socom reboot for some time now, but it could be a new ip. One thing seems certain though and that is it will not be a Killzone title. Experience the excitement of rolling thunder online: Start playing today.

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Today’s July 2022 Sony Playstation Vita News Update Review – Guerilla will be shutting down the servers to Sony’s Killzone Mercenary online mode on August 12th 2022.

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Is This the End of Killzone?

Despite not being PlayStation’s “Halo Killer,” Killzone became a success, but with server shutdowns and Guerilla Games’ larger success with Horizon, is this the end of Killzone?